Lots of people are interested in saving more, but they don’t always want to change their lifestyle in order to do it. Especially when you have a large amount to save or haven’t started saving at all, it can be difficult to find the motivation to cut back on the things that bring you joy.

However, saving, even if it’s just a little bit each month, is an important part of your wealth-building journey. It not only ensures you have cash to fall back on when emergencies eventually arise, but it also allows you to make larger purchases and afford the kind of lifestyle you aspire to have in the future.

So does that mean you have to cut way back on your lifestyle now in order to save for the future? According to the money experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here, they discuss little (but effective) ways anyone can easily save money each month without compromising their overall lifestyle or sacrificing joy.

Pay yourself first

“If you've already spent the money by paying yourself first, you won't have to make a choice or change any aspects of your lifestyle. You will have what you have, and you will spend what you have.” — Deborah W. Ellis, Ellis Wealth Planning

Try apps and websites that offer you cash back

“Tap into cashback tools that reward you with extra savings on purchases you're making anyway. For example, you can earn cash back by using a free rewards app like Fetch.com when you upload pictures of receipts for gas or groceries, and earn money back for online orders and travel bookings using CouponCabin.com, which can add up to big savings without sacrificing your budget or daily spending.” — Andrea Woroch, Woroch Media Inc. / Andrea Woroch

Ask for discounts from subscription services

“One easy strategy is to call or email all the companies you have subscriptions to. Tell them you are planning on canceling due to cost and ask if they can apply a discount. This is extremely effective if they just increased the cost as well. I just emailed one of my services last month, and they lowered the cost by $5 a month for the next year. This method saves money!” — Bob Chitrathorn, Wealth Planning By Bob Chitrathorn of Simplified Wealth Management

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Fund your future and current self simultaneously

“The standard advice is to automate your savings and avoid lifestyle creep. Another way is to fund your current and future selves simultaneously. During your high-income years, automate your savings increases every year to outpace your lifestyle. This tactic helps reduce lifestyle deprivation and change retirement savings outlooks.” — Dr. Preston D. Cherry, Concurrent Financial Planning

Start generating passive income

“Passive income will help you be able to save money each month without compromising your overall lifestyle. It simply allows you more financial flexibility and overall freedom so you have more money to save. This means you’re able to maintain your lifestyle. Real estate syndications are just one way to create a passive income.” — Justin Donald, Lifestyle Investor

Use a credit card with rewards benefits

“Opt for a cashback credit card for daily expenses and to autopay essentials. Paying bills, groceries or fuel with it accrues cash without you altering your spending habits. Regular, mindful use, combined with full monthly payments to avoid interest, turns ordinary purchases into savings opportunities and leverages everyday spending for passive savings without the need for lifestyle changes.” — Amrita Choudhary, Wasabi Technologies

Set up automatic savings and investment transfers

“Save with automatic transfers from checking accounts to savings or investment accounts. This will consistently save a portion of your income without you actively thinking about it or having to make daily spending sacrifices. This is effective because it removes the temptation to spend the money that could otherwise be saved. This makes saving a habit, without requiring willpower or daily decision-making.” — Howard Dvorkin, Debt.com

Leverage discount shopping portals to avoid paying full price

“I believe in never having to spend more than I have to on any purchase. That means using discount shopping portals, like Rakuten, and other cashback apps. I stack savings by paying with a rewards credit card. I've saved thousands of dollars by not paying retail or the sale price. All the savings have gone toward goals. This works because the idea isn't to stop spending but to instead start saving.” — Jason Vitug, Phroogal

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