After falling 9% in 6 weeks, is this FTSE 100 stock now in bargain territory?

The BAE Systems share price hit a 52-week high on 3 June. Six weeks later, it’s down nearly 10%. Is it time to take advantage and buy the FTSE 100 giant? The post After falling 9% in 6 weeks, is this FTSE 100 stock now in bargain territory? appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

20 actors who have been in multiple billion-dollar movies

Few actors can say they have had a role in a billion-dollar movie, but these 20 can say that and more. Each of them has had a role in multiple billion-dollar movies.

Pound highest against euro in two years

The euro has slumped to its lowest level against the pound in nearly two years as traders compared the political stability in Britain compared to that of its neighbour France. The boost to the pound came after better-than-expected British growth figures were released on Thursday. They showed that the economy in the past three months grew at the fas...

Been waiting to sell your home? Six expert tips to get it sold quickly if you're taking the plunge

This is Money speaks to estate agents to find out how sellers can increase their chances of securing a quick sale at the best price.

Will Take More for Fed to Cut: Betsy Duke

Former Fed Governor, Former Wells Fargo Chair, Former Bankers Association Chair Betsy Duke discusses the banking industry, credit quality and Fed confidence. She speaks with Scarlet Fu on "Bloomberg Markets."

Venice considers doubling tourist tax to €10

For the millions of tourists who want to ride Venice’s famous gondolas or take in the city’s famous architecture, it seems a fee of five euros is not enough to put them off. The city council is considering doubling the access fee it charges visitors to €10 (£8.40) in an effort to reduce overcrowding the current fee has failed to address. “In order ...

8 dazzling gold and silver treasures

Here are 10 stunning gold and silver treasures, dating from millennia to centuries ago

Bitcoin App Strike Launches in the UK

Strike CEO Jack Mallers joins Ed Ludlow to discuss crypto market trends and the company's decision to launch its global Bitcoin app in the UK. He speaks on "Bloomberg Technology."

How much are student loans, when do you start paying back and what is the interest?

Basically, student finance is a government-financed loan that covers university students' tuition fees and living costs for the duration of their study.

Why the coins in your pocket make you a Roman

“This is two thousand years old,” my father reminded me as he placed the small silver disc in the palm of my hand. It was still gleaming, cool to the touch, no bigger than a penny. My young mind could not possibly comprehend such an expanse of time. This coin was older than both world wars, older than Shakespeare, and had already existed for a mill...

The economic difference between owning and renting a home

The chief executive of Worldwide Financial Planning compares average rents, repairs and mortgages

China posts record trade surplus as foreign importers rush to beat tariffs

China posted a record $99bn (£76.4bn) trade surplus last month amid signs of importers bringing forward orders to beat higher tariffs on goods from the world’s second biggest economy. The latest official figures from Beijing showed exports growing at their fastest rate in 15 months, while the weakness of China’s domestic economy resulted in falling imports. The size of China’s trade surplus was far bigger than the $85bn expected by the financial...

Paying With Cash Can Save You up to 4%: Here's When It's Better Than Credit Cards

"Your Credit is Good, But We Need Cash." This line holds significant meaning today as more merchants encourage customers to use cash by offering lower prices and incentives for those who choose paper over plastic. This shift is economically significant at a time when digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and online transactions dominate merchant and t...

Starmer backs BBC licence fee

Sir Keir Starmer has said he is “committed” to retaining the BBC licence fee. The Prime Minister told reporters at the Nato summit in Washington that he would keep the annual charge of £169.50. The corporation’s charter is up for renewal in 2027, and Rishi Sunak had said that the Tories would look at alternative funding models. Critics of the licen...

Argentina's inflation edges up in June, breaking monthslong streak in blow to President Milei

Argentina's inflation edges up in June, breaking monthslong streak in blow to President Milei - A closely watched measure of inflation in Argentina remained stronger than the libertarian government of President Javier Milei would have hoped

I'm retiring after 40 years as a fund manager and this is what I've learnt: Richard Buxton on life as a professional investor

Since the early 1980s, Buxton has done his very best to make money for investors at a string of investment houses.

Norwegian Air to add environmental charge to fares, 'probably' in 2025

By Agata Rybska (Reuters) - Norwegian Air has become the latest airline to say it will add an environmental charge to its ticket prices, with CEO Geir Karlsen telling Reuters the move will "probably" be introduced next year. The budget airline currently adds a small biofuel charge for some corporate customers, which Karlsen described as "mariginal". He said other customers would also face a

Groceries are expensive, but they don't have to break the bank. Here are some tips to save

Groceries are expensive, but they don't have to break the bank. Here are some tips to save - If you’ve noticed that you’re paying more than before for the same amount of groceries, you’re not the only one

Up 47% in a week! Can the Capita share price continue to rocket?

The Capita share price has smashed the market in the last week, and Harvey Jones wonders whether it has the rocket boosters to fly higher. The post Up 47% in a week! Can the Capita share price continue to rocket? appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

How Calculating How Many Big Macs He Can Buy With His Hourly Earnings Helped This Man Get $11K Weekly In Passive Income

Ryan Hogue's approach to evaluating his side hustle income is far from conventional. He measures it in a unique and practical way: through Big Macs. Hogue, a web developer and teacher, used this practical method to calculate the value of his time. He would determine how many Big Macs he could buy with his daily earnings, a concept he calls 'dollars...

People with new King Charles £20 banknotes in wallet or purse 'warned'

The auction, held by Spink & Son yesterday on behalf of the Bank of England, featured some of the "rarest" banknotes you can get after the release of the notes earlier this year.

Here’s how I’d start investing in the stock market with a spare £800

Getting started in the stock market doesn't necessarily require thousands of pounds. Our writer explains how he'd start now on a limited budget. The post Here’s how I’d start investing in the stock market with a spare £800 appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

This popular European city is offering rewards to tourists — with free meals and wine

This definitely just shot to the top of our must visit list!

The common mistake that can blow a major hole in your pension

Four in five pension savers are accessing their pot early and it’s costing them tens of thousands of pounds, a pension provider has warned. New analysis from Scottish Widows shows that 78pc of people raided their pension before they reached 65, pocketing an average of £47,000 in cash – which experts say puts them at risk of running out of money lat...

Eight Easy Ways to Save Money Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

Saving money can be as simple as a quick phone call.

Analysis-Shunned UK markets emerge as haven from global storms

By Naomi Rovnick and Anousha Sakoui LONDON (Reuters) - Investors are looking at UK markets as a potential haven as political uncertainty rises in the U.S. and elsewhere in Europe, in what could mark a stunning turnaround for a country that appeared to have lost its traditional appeal to global capital. A landslide election victory for Britain's centre-left Labour government last week offers the

Vanguard vs Hargreaves Lansdown: which platform works best for you

Vanguard and Hargreaves Lansdown are two of the biggest investment platforms, sometimes called fund shops or stockbrokers, in the UK. Hargreaves Lansdown has more than 1.8 million customers investing over £149bn. Vanguard has around 635,000 British customers with around £24bn of savings – and millions more customers around the world. They are both ...

I'm worth £874,000 - how can I protect my daughter's inheritance?

My house is worth £325k, I will inherit £250k from my father and also have some money in pensions. What is the best way to pass this on to my daughter?

Swiftflation headache for the Bank of England

'Swifties' - the singer's fans - spent hugely on tickets, travel and hotels on her June dates, a measure Bank officials worry about even though inflation has fallen to 2 per cent.

Tech boss attacks British pension funds as his company is sold to Japan

Pension funds are failing British savers by refusing to back high-growth businesses, the boss of the British microchip company Graphcore has said. The start-up has become the latest high-tech firm to sell to an overseas buyer. Nigel Toon, its chief executive, said that pension funds “tend to focus on cost rather than growth” and that this is a prob...

Small pot pension rules: what are they and how do they work?

While it used to be common to work for only one or two companies for your entire career, workers today are likely to have moved jobs several times throughout their working lives – which can have a big impact on your pension savings. As a result of switching employers, you could end up with a large number of workplace pension pots – the average by t...

Saudi Arabia Warned G7 Against Seizing Russian Assets With Debt Sale Threat: Reports

Saudi Arabia warned G7 against seizing Russian assets, particularly French Treasury debt. Bloomberg reports. The warning comes after G7 decided to use profits from frozen Russian Central Bank funds. Saudi holds substantial Euro and French bond holdings worth billions. Watch for detailsSaudi Arabia Warned G7 Against Seizing Russian Assets With Debt Sale Threat: Reports

I saved £30,000 in 2 years - all while working a minimum wage job

I set myself a goal of becoming a millionaire in 10 years.

How to get your financial affairs in order for family before you die

'Dad's dead - what happens next?' A colleague of mine died last year and that was the title on a folder that he had left for his family, writes Ian Dyall.

The magic of music, memory, and how we still remember lyrics decades later

The magic of music, memory, and how we still remember lyrics decades later - IN FOCUS: Songs from our lives are deeply etched into our minds, lingering for many years after we’ve listened to them. Ellie Harrison asks the experts why this is – and why even people with dementia can often remember music so well

Average net worth of Americans by age — see how you compare

Four Myths That Hold Women Back From Financial Success

The financial challenges women face (the gender pay gap, for example) can be compounded by misconceptions. Here’s what to watch for and how to compensate.

Cash stuffing: how this viral budgeting method works

If you have been anywhere near social media sites like TikTok or Instagram (and even if you haven’t), you may well have heard of a budgeting technique called “cash stuffing”. With the past few years categorised by a cost of living crisis and squeezed salaries, it is no surprise that people across the country are keen to find ways to save money. One...

How much is the Wimbledon prize money for 2024?

There is a LOT of cash up for grabs.

The first-time buyer's step-by-step guide to getting on the property ladder

We explain everything from how to work out your budget and find your ideal home, through to applying for your first mortgage and navigating the legal process.

I'm worried I'll lose half my pension if my provider goes bust: What can I do?

I believe the Government will only cover £85,000 of my pension pot if something happens to my provider. Is that right, and if so what can I do to protect it?

Side hustles: what are they and how do I start one?

Earning extra income is a priority for many but knowing where to start is important

The median wealth per adult in European countries (Spain does not fare badly)

On this map, we can see how much personal wealth the average European adult has. Wealth is shown in US Dollars and includes both financial and non-financial wealth. Non-financial wealth mostly consists of land and real estate. The reason this map shows the median and not the average is that an average is usually skewed by the extremely wealthy. This results is an amount that is far higher than the wealth of most adults. In the case of the...

Yen hits four-week high against dollar amid doubts of intervention

By Karen Brettell and Amanda Cooper NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) -The yen hit an almost four-week high against the U.S. dollar on Friday, raising speculation that Japanese authorities may have intervened for a second day to prop up the currency. The rally in the Japanese currency, which has been languishing at around 38-year lows, began on Thursday just after data showed U.S. consumer prices for

Why Barclays Decided to Change Its Forecast for Fed Cuts

Barclays Chief US Economist Marc Giannoni explains why the firm decided to change its forecast for Federal Reserve monetary policy, predicting a second interest-rate cut in December in addition to the one they were already expecting likely in September. He speaks on "Bloomberg The Close."

How to be frugal: Easy money-saving hacks from people who’ve mastered cutting back

How to be frugal: Easy money-saving hacks from people who’ve mastered cutting back - Living more frugally could reduce stress and help your money go further.

Is it really so bad to want to marry rich?

Is it really so bad to want to marry rich? - IN FOCUS: Calls to find and marry a wealthy 6ft 5in man with a trust fund were everywhere at Glastonbury, harking back to a viral video celebrating this apparent ideal of modern dating. It’s all a bit tongue in cheek, writes Olivia Petter… but does it speak to a wider truth?

Mortgages on track to fall below 4pc as lenders announce fresh cuts

Mortgage deals are on track to fall below 4pc in a boost to homeowners, with a string of banks announcing rate cuts. The UK’s biggest lender Halifax has reduced its rates by up to 0.13 percentage points and Barclays by up to 0.33 percentage points. The bank’s five-year fixed-rate mortgage is now the cheapest on the market at 4.08pc. The moves follo...

Kevin O'Leary Says It Is Possible To Retire With $500K and No Extra Income - Here's How

More people are increasingly paying attention to retirement planning, as older millennials near 45 and GenZ are starting serious financial planning earlier, with some planning to retire by 60. The growing trend of more conscious spending and saving for the future amid looming risks of Social Security benefits reductions within a decade has led to m...

Netflix's new cheaper advert plan won't work on my TV: What can I do?

After Netflix scrapped its basic subscription plan and switched to the £4.99 per month standard with adverts plan, we can't watch Netflix on our two devices.